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Model #2 Camo Vinyl Cover Model #1 Rib Rack
Our Price: $34.99
Our Price: $22.99
Camo Vinyl Smoker Cover, made from heavy duty material Rib Rack to fit our Model #1 electric smoker.  This rack will hold up to 7 slabs of meat with a length of 11" in a upright position during the smoking process.
Model #2 Rib Rack Wireless Barbecue Thermometer Set
Our Price: $27.99
Our Price: $69.99
Rib Rack to fit our Model # 2 electric smoker. Wireless thermometer set model # ET-733 made by Maverick Industries. Customize preset temperatures to your personal taste. Audio alarm alerts you when preset temperature is reached. Comes with 6 present temperatures for Beef, Veal, Lamb, Pork, Chicken and Turkey.
9 BONUS present temperatures for Wild Game meats, DEER, ELK, MOOSE, BUFFALO, RABBIT, BOAR, DUCK, BIRD and FISH. This is a great unit for the Outdoorsman!
Large 300 feet range, can customize preset temperatures to personal taste and monitors 2 things at once.
Smoker Model #4 Model #3 side rail assembly
Our Price: $1,399.99
Our Price: $33.99
The smoker Model #4 has the capacity to hold up to 75 pounds of meat or seafood. Model #3 side rack assembly with a total of 9 guides for added shelving.  This NEW assembly (2 piece/set) allows you to add 4 additional  shelves to your Model #3 smoker for a total of 9 shelves.   This is great for making Jerky or smoking thin cuts of meat or fish.  Made from stainless steel.
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